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Sunday, September 22, 2013

10 Easy Card Making Tips with Tutorial

Photo Courtesy of Allegany State Park Facebook Page

It's fall again, and I love it!  I grew up in the southern tier of New York state. Every fall I get an overwhelm feeling to find a farm for apple picking, buying winter vegetables, or just a need to visit a grape vineyard. I get a craving for real farm apple cider, not that store kind. I have memories of  the Adirondack balloon festival and of 'the pumpkin patch' coloring book made by a local farm with hand drawn scenes. It was not uncommon to see roadside pumpkin stands, with a wooden lock box, where the honor system was the way to pay. Those days seem gone, but I still have great memories of fall in New York.

So with that it's cardmaking season once again. Here are the 10 easy card making tips I found useful and want to share with you today:
  1. Make Sponge Daubers (DIY)
  2. Easy Metal Looking Embellishments (video)
  3. The Flip Side of Clear Stamps (video)
  4. Vellum Flower 3D Effect
  5. Tape and Stamp Technique
  6. Scratch & Sniff Elements (video)
  7. Pencil Stamping
  8. Pencil Stamping 2
  9. Lettering Ideas
  10. Bow Clips
Also I'd like to share a little card tutorial using printable items in my shop!

Printables and Supplies Used:
Just print the sizes you need, cut out, punch over inside elements, arrange and glue. Full size envelope is printed as a 3x5 inch photo. Add money, photos, or tickets to make this a keepsake gift card!

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