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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mini Envelope Pattern Tutorial and Ideas

I have been advised from some of the people in my life, that it's hard at times to visualize something flat as a 3D item. Once I have showed them a finished item, the light bulb goes off and they get the joy I want to shared.

This is a tutorial for the kind of mini envelopes I create in my Etsy shop. So, over the next few weeks I will have some examples posted of ways to use these.

What you will need:
  • Mini envelope easy printables
  • Scissors
  • Paper to print out on
  • 1/16th inch mini hole punch
  • Twine or hemp cord
  • Time :)
I am planning many more designs for my new shop. I launched Timeless Mane Patterns July 22nd with 207 printables on file, but getting the time and energy to list them on Etsy has been the hardest part. I have so many digital items to share and ideas for more. But that being said, if you as buyer would like a design, just contact me and we can discuss more. 

Step 2 and 3: print the size and quality you want. Then separate the envelope you want from the sheet. This helps with the cutting out of the mini envelope.

Step 4: cutting out. Now that sounds simple enough, but with rounded edges and circles, it is not always simply cut out rounds. So I'll share some tips with you, because cutting out rounds can be frustrating and takes practice. First, remember to always move the paper - not the scissors. Keeping the scissors mostly stable is the key to controlling the cut. Second, assist and stabilize your blades by holding your pointer, middle and ring fingers behind the lower scissor blade. Don't apply force, just be the blades spotter and keep it from wobbling. It takes practice, it's a floating action, and can result in very smooth edged circles.

Step 5: Gratz! you made a great cut out! Now we get to the fun :)

Step 6: fold the flaps, one by one, evenly to meet both top and bottom. This is easy due to the tiny size, but if you feel you need help, crease with a tool and ruler.

Step 7: glue or 2-way tape flaps in the way that looks best to you, no rules here :)

Step 8: cut out mini tags and hearts. Use mini punch to make a hole in the top to the tag or heart.

Step 9: tie twine or hemp cord onto tag or heart, insert tag in mini envelope or punch a hole to add it on.

Ideas for this design are tea bag holder, card making item, scrapbooking keepsake holder, love notes, or any other idea you love.

So while I was writing these instruction, I thought, what if buyers need a card with their envelope? True, some might use them to hold photos or ephemera, that's fine too. But each listing will have cards or inserts, as a template or with a design.



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