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Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to use Etsy Instant Download and TimelessMane Images

It occurred to me that Etsy's feature "instant download" is very new, and some might not know the benefits of this great feature. Some questions you may have are:

What does this mean for me as a buyer? 
What if I want my order tonight?
  • It means images or patterns, made by sellers, are stored on Etsy's website in the form of JPG, PNG, PDF, and ZIP files. They are free of shipping cost, and ready to receive as soon as purchased!   
How do I get my image file?
What if I lose my purchased item because of computer problems?
  • In the case of the instant download feature, your purchase is stored indefinitely at Etsy. This mean it's always there for you and no more losing files on your home computer.
Do I need to register with Etsy to buy?
  • Yes. Registering is easy. Fill the form out with a username, nickname or your real name. Some advantages to being a member are: being able to keep track of your favorites with lists, take part in repeat buyers sales or coupon codes, and get access to newsletters including Etsy Finds. Visit This Page: How do I purchase printable items on Etsy?
Remember, if you are new to Etsy, it is like a shopping mall. Each seller is a small business owner and most sell handmade items. This means questions might take a few hours to get an answer, but you will likely get personalized attention when the seller answers your message.


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