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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Card Making Tips All Paper Crafters Should Try

Has it been a busy summer for anyone else?
In an effort to make the most of my time, I seem to have lost any free time that I once had in my days, though personally I love creating!
Money Gift Card Tutorial Below
So to relax a bit from the work part of my store, I will be posting some more "how to tutorials". I would also like to pass on some found ideas. At first the idea was to reblog the authors blog posts. I researched how because I never attempted it before, I looked up reblog etiquette, and how to's. Reading through many conflicting feeling and thoughts I was still unsure about the right or wrongness of this reblogging process.

This blog isn't my first; my belief is to add as original as possible blog content. On the other hand I do have a Tumblr and Pinterest account, which basically are reblogging ideas with only link backs for credit. I came to a decision for this blog, that this is the internet; the information is out there somewhere public (reblogged or not). I will link to the inspiration blogs or sites I find, and you as reader can follow the link or not. Fair enough?

The digital downloads I created were with the original intent for scrapbooking use. However, recently I've fallen in love with the idea of cardmaking! I want to share some tutorials using these new printable project sheets. First off, these are the inspirational blog tips and I will be referencing some of them though out the how to:

5 Card Making Tips All Paper Crafters Should Try
  1. How to make sticky dots (video and great glue for ribbons) 
  2. Perfect Hassle Free Rosettes Making
  3. DIY Icicles for Winter Cards Making
  4. Origami Heart Tutorial
  5. How to Make a Graduation Cap (video)
Now to the handmade money gift card tutorial!

Step 1: I took a shortcut on the card base instead of making one, because I have two boxes of beautiful DCWV brand printed textured cards with envelopes. You could also do embellishing on any pre-made blank card!

Step 2: make or buy sticky dots, see tip #1 above. You can also use any glue, but the dots give a semi 3D look to the card.
Step 3: cut out the printables you purchased. I used Batik Chocolate Butterfly EmbellishmentBatik Kanji Printable Envelope and Butterfly Mini Envelopes. Check your printer options for size settings, you don't need special sizes of paper. Just print out the desired size or percent on a standard letter size paper or cardstock. Make sure it's a high quality and archival paper.

Step 4: match a card base color and play with the flat cutouts placement on the card base and it's matching envelope. I printed these embellishments out as 8.5x11 inch printout. After you are happy with placement stick these flat embellishments down.
Step 5: assemble the printable envelopes, and play with placement of the mini. I printed the tall envelope as 8x10 inch print out. This is a money giving card, so I printed the mini lope is smaller as a 5x7 sheet print out.
Step 6: (optional) In the tall envelope you can add a handwritten letter, event tickets, photos, anything that turns this card into a keepsake gift worthy of addition to scrapbooks or keepsake boxes!

Step 7: add 3D elements, like here I used satin roses. Reference Tip #2 above: Rosettes can replace any round element instead of buttons, or like the satin roses I used here. Note: When shipping in the mail, use only flat elements, and ship in an outer protective shipping envelope. Also, use cardboard to keep the card from bending.

Step 8: hand write, lettering, or stamp the occasion on the front. Hand write or print an insert with a handwriting font. I am not always confident in my handwriting, so don't feel ashamed about adding elements with the expression on them, after it's still personalized handmade :)



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