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Monday, July 29, 2013

Where to buy scrapbooking supplies with free shipping?

If you have been looking for collectible handmade digital art printables, for use in your home creations of scrapbooks, event mementos, altered art boxes, photojournaling, creating keepsakes and much more. Then you have found your way here!

I hope to bring some useful information to this blog, and showcase home printables that complement other collections out there.

Also some great news for all handmade papercrafters, new to Etsy are instant downloadable printables, get your order fast, easy and with free shipping!

Where to buy scrapbooking supplies click photos below:

All of these printables are in 300 DPI for the perfect printout images. The printables can be printed in high quality color or in black and white for the classic black scrapbooking feel. The printables can be made on a paper of your choice such as mulberry, card stock, or scrapbooking pages.

Come visit me, take a look around, more printables will be added throughout the coming months!



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